Mighty Mac Series 220 and 250 Compactors

The Mighty Mac 2 YD series 220 and 2.5 YD series 250 compactors provide high compaction forces in a shorter, space saving footprint. Up to 40% shorter than standard compactors, the 220 and 250 have more than 54,000 and 62,000 lbs. of maximum packing force respectively.

Mighty Mac 220 Series Mighty Mac 250 Series

These heavy duty body assemblies are 50% stronger than others on the market.
Solid 3/8” plate side walls are further reinforced with structural tube top rails, 1” x 3” solid horizontal bar and 3” structural channel verticals.
The 8” x 6” x 3/4” breaker bar is supported by 4” x 3” x 1/4” structural steel tubing and gusseted with 1/2” thick plate.
This extra rugged construction totally eliminates side wall deformation even under extreme conditions.

Standard Features
Key-lock Start Switch Power Unit Weather Cover Reverse Push Button
Power Unit Factory Ready for 208-230-460 Volt 3 phase Red Mushroom-head Stop Button Automatic Motor Starter Reset
Solid State Motor Starter Reset Adjustable 9-45 Amp NEMA 12/13 Panel Box

The heart of the Mac 220 and 250 compactors is the hydraulic power unit.
Only top of the line, off the shelf components are utilized to deliver outstanding reliability and prevent “vendor lock in” for our customers.

Motor: Baldor 208/230/460 volt 3 phase high efficiency
Hydraulic pump: Vickers ultra quiet vane type
Valve: Yuken softshift
Fullness signaling pressure switch: Barksdale
Hydraulic hose, connectors and fittings: Weatherhead
Push buttons and switches: General Electric
Motor starter and overload: Eaton
PLC controller: Eaton
Control transformer: Oversize, 208/230/460 volt input with low DC secondary voltage for operator controls
Specifications and Dimensions